Spirulina Amino Acid Profile

I’ve plotted a typical spirulina amino acid profile below, the essential amino acids have a star beside them (*).

This plot was created with our amino acid profile comparison tool.

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In case it’s a bit tough to see the names, here’s the data in table form instead.

  % of total amino acids
Alanine 7.9
Arginine 7.3
Aspartic Acid 10.1
Cystine 1.2
Glutamic Acid 14.7
Glycine 5.4
Histidine* 1.9
Isoleucine* 5.6
Leucine* 8.7
Lysine* 5.3
Methionine* 2
Phenylalanine* 4.9
Proline 4.2
Serine 5.2
Threonine* 3.4
Tryptophan* 1.6
Tyrosine 4.5
Valine* 6.1

Overall Summary of Spirulina’s Amino Acid Profile

Spirulina has a great, balance profile, about as good as quinoa's amino acid profile. It is considered a complete protein, as it has all the essential amino acids in significant amounts.

To get a sense of how it compares to animal protein sources, let’s compare it to whey.

The relative level of each amino acid is similar as in whey, except for a few exceptions. Spirulina has:

Remember that threonine and lysine are essential amino acids, so that’s not great for spirulina. But at the same time, they’re still comparable protein sources overall, just whey’s maybe a tiny bit better.