Plantfusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder Review [Objective]


Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry

PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder is one of the best vegan protein powders that I’ve tried, and has one of the highest overall rankings to support that.

As with every other review, I’ll break down each score in its own category, along with how it was calculated or assigned.


I calculate a nutrition score for each protein powder to make it easy to compare them with each other.

It looks at one thing: protein content.

The more protein in it, the higher the score a powder get.

The formula itself is fairly simple:

Protein powder nutrition score formula

All that needs to be put in are the calories coming from protein in a serving, and the total calories, which we can get from the nutritional facts:

plantfusion nutrition facts

Plugging in 84 calories of protein (from 21 grams), and 120 overall calories, we get a nutrition score of 18.75 out of 25.

This score tells you that this protein powder has a bit higher protein content than most, although there are a handful of other products that have a higher score in this one category.

Ingredients list:


The pricing score lets you quickly judge how expensive a protein powder is, relative to other options.

A score of 25 means that it’s very cheap, while a score of 0 means it’s very expensive.

Here are the 2 sizes that Plantfusion’s protein powder comes in, as well as the price per 100 grams of each:

In order to come up with a single score for all vegan protein powders that I review, I decided to look at the price per 100 grams of the size closest to 1 kg/ 2.2 lbs.

That’s the most common size companies sell in, which makes it the fairest comparison.

I created a linear formula based on the prices of several protein powders, which is:

Protein powder pricing score formula

Plugging in the data for the 2 lb Plantfusion tub, we get a pricing score of 17.28.

In practical terms, it’s on the cheap side for sure, although there are cheaper products out there.


The mixability score tells you how well a protein powder mixes, since clumping isn’t desirable in a shake.

You can read the full procedure in my methodology, but the main steps for this test are:

  1. Pour 450 mL of almond milk into a standard shaker bottle.
  2. Pour in 35 grams of protein powder.
  3. Shake for 45 seconds.
  4. Pour shake through a fine strainer to remove clumps (and weigh them).

Then, I record the weight of the clumps (or “remnants”), and plug them into this formula:

Protein powder mixability score formula

In this case it was easy, since nothing actually got filtered out (shown below):

plantfusion strainer

This results in a perfect mixability score of 25.


The final part of the review, and the only one that involves my opinion is taste.

Of course my tastes will be different from yours, so take the taste scores with a grain of salt, but they can still give you ballpark ideas of what a powder tastes like.

To stay consistent, I assign taste scores based on the following table:

Taste Score Meaning


Amazing, would drink for enjoyment alone.


Very good.


Drinkable, not really good or bad.


A bit of a struggle to get down


Quite bad

My main observations were:

There’s no obvious bad part of the taste of Plantfusion’s protein powder, so I think it’s fair to give this powder a taste score of 25.

In case you think I’m just saying that to convince you to buy the powder, take a look at my other reviews, and you’ll see that I rarely give out a taste score that high.

Summary and Overall Review Impressions

PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder is just a very solid overall protein powder.

If you’re in a situation where all 4 categories are important to you, it’s a very good choice.

The only times I wouldn’t recommend this protein powder is when you’re on a very limited budget and price is crucial, or you really want the highest protein content possible. In that case, check out my Now Sports Pea Protein review, it is currently the #2 overall vegan protein powder, and the cheapest overall.