Iron Vegan Athlete's Blend Protein Powder Review


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Flavors: Natural Vanilla, Natural Chocolate, Unflavoured

Iron Vegan’s Athlete’s Blend is another Canadian-made vegan protein powder.

They differentiate this product from others by using all organic non-GMO proteins. It’s also “all natural,” gluten free, and kosher.

I realize the overall score for this powder may seem harsh at first. I break down each score in each section, and it’s almost all done using formulas (to minimize my bias) that you can replicated if you’d like.


The way I calculate the nutrition score is to divide the calories from protein, by the overall calories.

The higher the protein content, the better. If 80% of the calories or more come from protein, it gets a perfect score.

Here’s the simple formula:

Protein powder nutrition score formula

This is one protein powder where the nutritional label doesn’t quite add up:

With 30 grams of protein (120 calories), and 190 calories overall in a serving, that leaves this powder with a nutrition score of 14. This is right around the middle of the range, meaning that it's reasonable, but many powders beat it.

The one thing that my formula admittedly doesn’t take into account is the ingredient quality.

Here’s the full Ingredients list (for the Chocolate flavor):

Fair trade cocoa is important to a lot of vegans, and not many other protein powders use it.

Similarly, if you value organic ingredients highly, maybe add a few mental bonus points to the overall score.


I’ve looked at and bought a ton of different vegan protein powders to try, but very few come close to the price of this one.

There’s only one size of this particular protein as far as I know. I looked at the prices on a few Canadian stores, and they all had a similar price. I’ve listed the cost on Amazon (free shipping), as it’s convenient for most.

Size Cost (CAD) Cost per 100 gram

1 kg / 2.2 lb



I use a simple pricing formula based on the cost per 100 grams of the size closest to 1 kg. In this case, the only size fits well.

Here’s the formula:

Protein powder pricing score formula

If you plug in the numbers, after converting the price to USD (to accurately compare price scores), you’ll see that it actually gets a score of 7.

Basically, what this means, is that if you care at all about the price of your protein powder, do not buy this one.


No one likes chunks in their protein shake, as it makes it taste worse. Or, if the protein gets stuck on the sides of your shaker or blender, you’re just wasting protein.

In order to measure the mixability of a powder, I follow this procedure:

I do this test for both almond milk coming from the fridge, and then again for room temperature almond milk.

Then, I plug in the numbers into this formula:

Protein powder mixability score formula

My test left 2 grams of remnants, giving this powder a mixability score of 19. This is the one solid aspect of this product.


Finally, there’s the only purely subjective part of this review - taste.

I use the following scale to judge taste, in score increments of 5.

Taste Score Meaning


Amazing, would drink for enjoyment alone.


Very good.


Drinkable, not really good or bad.


A bit of a struggle to get down


Quite bad

Overall, I try not to be too harsh, since it is only my opinion.

Based on the taste of my protein shake after I filtered out the chunks, I gave it a 5.

The protein has a sort of slimy (a pudding-like taste) to it once mixed. I had a few friends try it, and they weren’t fans of the texture either.

The flavor itself is okay, but the chocolate seemed a little off. Perhaps you could get used to it? Personally, I just feel that if you’re paying so much more than other protein powders, it should taste really good.

Summary and Overall Impressions

The price is incredibly high, which may prevent you from ever trying it.

On top of that, it doesn’t mix very well (be prepared to always use a blender), and the taste is mediocre.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this protein powder unless the ingredient type and quality is an absolute must for you.

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