Milk Amino Acid Profile

The following graph shows a typical dairy milk protein amino acid profile. It’s basically the combination of whey and casein, all in one.

This graph was generated using our amino acid profile comparison tool.

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Here’s the data in table form if you prefer. Essential amino acids are marked with an asterisk (*).

  % of total amino acids
Alanine 3.4
Arginine 3.1
Aspartic Acid 7.4
Cystine 0.5
Glutamic Acid 21.6
Glycine 1.9
Histidine* 2.6
Isoleucine* 4.8
Leucine* 9.2
Lysine* 7.1
Methionine* 2.4
Phenylalanine* 4.8
Proline 9.4
Serine 5.5
Threonine* 4.2
Tryptophan* 0.8
Tyrosine 5.4
Valine* 6

Overall Summary of Milk Protein’s Amino Acid Profile

Dairy milk is a complete protein, as you’d probably expect.

That being said, it is relatively low on both Cystine and Tryptophan, with the second being an essential amino acid.

So while it’s a good protein source (from a nutritional standpoint), there’s nothing particularly special about it either. It's less balanced than the amino acid profiles of eggs or whey, or even plant protein sources like hemp protein.