Is Cellucor C4 Vegan? I Found Out Once and For All

The short answer: No, Cellucor C4 is NOT vegan.

It took me way too long to find that answer myself.

I kept reading mixed answers, with some saying that tons of vegan bodybuilders use it, and others saying it wasn’t because the creatine might be derived from animal sources.

To get a definitive answer, I reached out and asked if Cellucor C4 used a vegan source of creatine, and quickly got back a dissapointing result.

Response from cellucor about c4 being vegan

In case the image is not loading, here’s a direct quote:

Our Creatine is derived from animal sources. C4 Ripped does not have creatine or any animal by products.

The important part is the first sentence. To be crystal clear, creatine from animal sources is obviously not vegan, and since C4 includes creatine in Cellucor C4, the product as a whole is not vegan.

If you were wondering what the ingredients are, here’s the full list:

So while the ingredients appear to be vegan friendly at first, they are not.

Vegan Friendly Pre Workout Alternatives to Cellucor C4

There's quite a few vegan pre-workout supplements. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. Cellulor C4 Ripped
  2. Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout (Both the NitroX and Intense Energy versions are vegan friendly)
  3. Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sugar-Free Energizer

Not all those products contain creatine. If that's important to you, I've gone over some popular vegan friendly creatine options here.