The Best Vegan Protein Powders (Customizable)

I made the main page and table to help the widest number of people find the best vegan protein powder for them.

Please read the top portion of that page first if you haven't already, so that you understand what the scores mean and how they were calculated.

But some people (maybe you) need a bit more control, and this page is my best way of providing it to you.

Below is the exact same table as on the original page, with 1 important difference: You can set custom weights for each factor (e.g. taste, price, etc.).

You can set the weight on each factor from 0 to 4, depending on how important it is to you (4 being the most). The overall ratings will automatically be re-calculated based on those weights (still out of 100).

The actual number of each weight isn't important, only the relative size of each weight. If that's not clear, I've gone into more detail below the table.

How the Custom Table Weights Work

When calculating the adjusted overall ratings, the only thing you really need to understand is that it multiplies each factor score by its respective weight fraction.

If the "nutrition score" weight is set to 2, but the "price score" weight is set to 4, the price score will be weighted twice as heavily as the nutrition score.

If you set a weight to 0, that specific score will not be considered at all when calculating the overall rating.

For example, if you set nutrition, mixability, and price to 0, the only factor left to sort by is taste. That's how I created a list of the best tasting vegan protein powders.