The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder: I Tried 21 To Find It

I’ve been working on this site for a long time, creating resources that make it easier for vegans to get more protein in their diet.

Protein powder is at the center of that, which is why I’ve reviewed 21 protein supplements (and counting).

While I test for more than taste, this page will specifically focus on the best tasting vegan protein powders.

If you’re also interested in price, nutrition, and mixability, see my page dedicated to finding the best vegan protein powder.

How I Tested Vegan Protein Powders for Taste (as fairly as possible)

Taste is the one part of my review methodology that isn’t objective.

Everyone has their own taste preferences, and there’s nothing I could do to solve that.

What I found to be the best approach was to develop a set of taste standards to allow me to be as consistent and unbiased as possible.

This also provides me the opportunity to back up my taste ratings with explanations.

Here is a table of standards I created and followed:

Taste Score Meaning


Amazing, would drink for enjoyment alone.


Very good.


Drinkable, not really good or bad.


A bit of a struggle to get down.


Quite bad, couldn't finish.

Each protein powder received a score out of 25, where 25 is a perfect score.

Side note: The reason that it’s out of 25 is because there are 4 categories in my reviews that add up to 100.

The (Condensed) Results: The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder

If the methodology sounds fair to you and you want a quick list of the best tasting supplements, along with their scores, here it is.

If you’d rather a more detailed explanation of why each powder received the score it did, go down to the next section.

Protein Powder Image Taste Score
Plantfusion 25
True Nutrition Vegan Lean 22
Leanfit Complete Green 22
Canadian Protein All Natural Blend 20
Vega Sport 20
Vega Protein and Greens 20
Kaizen Naturals 20
True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer 18
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend 17
NOW Sports Pea Protein 15
Naturade VeganSmart 15
Bodylogix 15
Orgain Organic Powder 15
ON Gold Standard 15
Garden of Life Raw Fit 15
Purely Inspired 15
MRM Veggie Elite 10
Naked Pea 10
Iron Vegan Athlete's Blend 5
Vega One All-in-one 5
MRM Veggie Protein 0

The (Complete) Results: The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder

Now I’ll break down each protein powder one-by-one and explain why the taste was good or bad, and why it received the score it did.

Again, I’ve ordered them from best to worst.

1. PlantFusion (25/25)

plantfusion packaging

PlantFusion was the only protein powder that I gave a perfect score to. It tastes amazing.

I have something like 30 pounds of powder to go through, but after that I will be buying PlantFusion.

When I tested it, here’s what I saw:

I tried to think of any negatives, but came up blank.

If you’ve hated the taste of other plant-based protein powders, I’d highly recommend PlantFusion.

It’s been a while, but I think it was better than any whey protein that I had in the past.

Here's my full PlantFusion review if you want more specific details.

2. Leanfit Complete Green (22/25)

leanfit packaging

Leanfit Complete Green is a products available only in Canada. I’ve managed to find it in Costco on occasion.

For the most part, I graded each product in increments of 5, unless I was really conflicted.

In this case, I felt that Leanfit was significantly better than the rest of the powders I gave a score of 20 to, but not as good as PlantFusion.

The pros:

The cons:

If you’re Canadian, this is a very good choice as well. Here's my full Leanfit Green Protein Powder review.

3. True Nutrition Vegan Lean (22/25)

vegan lean packaging

Technically, True Nutrition Vegan Lean is tied for second with a score of 22.

True Nutrition is a unique supplement manufacturer that lets you control the ingredients in your protein powder.

Vegan Lean is one of the “pre-made” vegan mixes that I gave a try.

But because of that, there are several flavors that you can choose from, and for practical reasons I couldn’t try them all.

I ended up going with the cinnamon bun flavor because I really like cinnamon.

Overall it tasted great:

The one issue I had with it was that there was a bit of a chalky taste and aftertaste. Not very much of one, but enough that I couldn’t give this a perfect score.

You can see more detail in my True Nutrition Vegan Lean Review.

4. Vega Protein and Greens (20/25)

protein and greens packaging

Vega is easy to find pretty much no matter where you live. Protein and Greens is one of 3 products from them that I reviewed.

I chose to get the chocolate flavor here, which is typically my favorite flavor.

Overall, it was very good, which is why it got a score of 20. It’s not a chore to drink, it’s just not amazing.

The pros:

The cons:

Both these cons are common in plant-based powders, to varying degrees. In this case, they were noticeable, but not terrible compared to others.

5. Vega Sport (20/25)

vega sport packaging

Vega Sport is the one that I see in grocery stores here in Canada all the time.

This was the first Vega product that I tried, and honestly I came into it a bit biased against Vega because they always seemed too expensive.

However, as you can tell by the score I gave it (20), I thought it tasted really good.

I tried both the chocolate and mocha flavors. Personally I liked the mocha best (despite not being a coffee drinker), but both were good.

The flavor was great, but it suffered from the same issues that Protein and Greens (just above) has: significant amount of chalkiness, and a bit of an aftertaste.

Overall, it’s still very good relative to the competition, but not perfect.

6. Kaizen Naturals (20/25)

kaizen packaging

Kaizen really only had one big issue: the chalkiness.

This is a common issue with powders, and it was fairly pronounced in this case.

However, that’s really the only issue. The flavor was great, and there was no aftertaste.

Ultimately, I gave it a score of 20, although it’s one of the weaker powders to receive a score of 20.

7. Canadian Protein All Natural Blend (20/25)

canadian protein packaging

Wrapping up the products that scored a taste score of 20 out of 25 is another Canadian-only protein.

The flavor is good, but there were 2 issues that stood out:

Neither are major issues, but justification enough not to give this powder a higher score than 20.

8. True Nutrition Vegan Optimizer (18/25)

true nutrition protein optimizer packaging

As mentioned before, True Nutrition lets you customize your protein powder.

Vegan Optimizer is the second most popular pre-made mix, so I ordered a bag with chocolate fudge flavoring.

It wasn’t my favorite overall, but the taste was a bit above average.

There were a few things in particular that stood out:

Putting all that together, I decided that it was clearly more than “drinkable” (a score of 15), but not “very good” (a score of 20). So I went with a middle ground of 18.

If you’re buying from True Nutrition anyways, I’d recommend the vegan lean instead. However, there are several flavors, and maybe it was just this one in particular that I didn’t like.

9. Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (17/25)

sunwarrior packaging

The overall average of all the taste scores was 15.5, so this was the last one that was above average.

Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend does have a bit of a chalky taste (not a terrible amount).

The most unique aspect of it was that there was a very strong initial chocolate aftertaste. It was unique because unlike other shakes, I became accustomed to it quickly and barely noticed it after a few sips.

I could see quite a few people liking the flavor after getting used to it, and even for me it wasn’t a chore to drink after the first bit. That was my reasoning in giving it a score of 17.

10. Garden of Life Raw Fit (15/25)

garden of life raw fit packaging

Something that I noticed in the handful of “raw” products I tried is that they generally don’t taste great.

The flavor was actually good in this case, but the amount of chalkiness was too much.

I’m fine with a bit of a chalky taste, but this was enough to make drinking the shake a chore.

So while it’s drinkable, it’s not much more than that, resulting in a score of 15.

11. Bodylogix (15/25)

bodylogix packaging

This powder simply mixes horribly, and while I filtered out the clumps during my testing, the texture was still incredibly chalky afterwards.

The flavor was good, but not great.

Because of those 2 issues, I chose to score Bodylogix as a 15, although it was tempting to go a bit lower.

12. Purely Inspired (15/25)

purely inspired organic plant protein powder packaging

If you set out to create the most “average” tasting protein shake possible, Purely Inspired would be it:

Nothing about it was terrible, and nothing was particularly good.

But, it was drinkable, so I gave it a score of 15.

13. Orgain Organic Powder (15/25)

orgain organic protein powder packaging

Orgain was one of the first powders I tried and I initially gave it a pretty high rating. It wasn’t until I had a bigger sample size and went back to re-evaluate powders that I thought it was fair to drop its score to 15.

The flavor is actually quite good.

But there’s 2 issues. First, there’s quite a bit of chalkiness. Second, there’s a significant (not too bad) aftertaste.

I think 15 is a fair score, but for some it might score a few points higher depending on your personal preferences.

14. ON Gold Standard (15/25)

ON gold standard plant packaging

I was excited to try Optimum Nutrition’s first plant-based protein, but was a bit disappointed with the result.

Two things in particular stood out:

  1. The texture was very “grainy” (a bit different than chalky). It’s not terrible, just a bit unpleasant.
  2. The aftertaste is reasonably strong.

The flavor by itself was okay, but not great.

Overall it just tasted very average.

15. NOW Sports Pea Protein (15/25)

now sports pea protein powder packaging

I got the unflavored version of this because it was the only one available at the time, so that of course affects the taste.

I mainly judged this on the texture, which was quite chalky. One of the most chalky of any I tried.

However, there was no aftertaste, and it really was unflavored, so it wasn’t too hard to drink it.

Based on that, a score of 15 seemed reasonable.

16. Naturade VeganSmart (15/25)

naturade vegansmart packaging

The last of the “average” tasting shakes is Naturade VeganSmart. Anything below this I would not recommend unless you have no other option.

A few things stood out with VeganSmart:

I was tempted to rate this a bit higher (say 17-18), but ultimately decided that it was most similar to the other powders with a score of 15.

17. Naked Pea (10/25)

naked pea product packaging

I was really hoping that this would taste good, since the only size available to Canadians was the big 5 lb bucket.

Unfortunately, there were some serious problems:

  1. It was incredibly chalky.
  2. Strong aftertaste.
  3. Almost no flavor at all (I had to double-check that I ordered chocolate and not unflavored).

I managed to get it down, but it was pretty tough, so a taste score of 10 seemed fair to me.

18. MRM Veggie Elite (10/25)

mrm veggie elite packaging

The only other product to get a score of 10.

I was able to drink it with a bit of perseverance, but there were some obvious problems with the shake:

  1. Quite chalky.
  2. Very bad aftertaste.

It had one of the worst aftertastes that I’ve experienced to date.

19. Vega One All-in-One (5/25)

Vega One All-in-one shake packaging

After trying the other two Vega products (ranked #4 and 5 on this page), I expected good things out of the All-in-One shake.

But I literally could not finish the shake, which should tell you a lot about the taste (and why it was scored as a 5).

The texture was grainy, and the flavor was bad. Worst of all, there was a strong, unpleasant aftertaste that was just too much.

20. Iron Vegan Athlete's Blend (5/25)

iron vegan athletes blend protein powder packaging

This is another Canadian only “natural” vegan protein powder.

Even though I tried it over a month before writing this post, I still clearly remember the taste.

The texture was slimy, and just felt gross. The flavor wasn’t terrible, but there was also a strong aftertaste.

I managed to get through this shake after 10-15 minutes of struggle, but it was not a pleasurable experience. I have a large bag of it remaining and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it.

21. MRM Veggie Protein (0/25)

mrm veggie protein packaging

MRM’s first vegan protein didn’t score very well (#18), and this one turned out to be the absolute worst one that I’ve ever tried.

Think about everything bad that could be in a protein shake, and this is it.

I can drink almost any shake, but I think I made it a quarter of the way through this one before giving up. The only definite 0 of the protein powders that I tried.


Taste is a funny thing.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll agree with the ratings I gave each product, but I hope that the explanations can at least give you an idea of what to expect.

I’d expect that most people will also enjoy the 5 best tasting vegan protein powders on this list. They’re the safe choices.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t like the ones I rated lower, it’s just less likely.

I hope this helps you in one way or another.