Hi, my name's Dale, your friendly neighborhood vegan.

I went vegan in July of 2017, and like many others, was concerned about getting enough protein, especially as a semi-professional soccer player.

Protein powder seemed like it would make the transition much smoother, so I set out to find the best one for me.

Easier said than done.

I came across lists of vegan protein powders from people who had never tried the powders themselves, and from many authors who likely weren't vegan.

Thinking about how many other vegan transitions were made more difficult than they had to be because of this (or potentially scared off altogether), this was a problem I was strongly motivated to solve.

So over the next few months I started buying every vegan protein powder that I could get my hands on, and coming up with a methodology to test them.

my growing protein powder collection

After a lot of protein shakes, my last main step was to create this website and find a way to convey all this data in a simple way to digest.

That's where the best vegan protein powder page came from, and why it's the focal point of this site.

If this site can make it a bit easier for you to become a vegan or stay a vegan, I think the effort was well worth it.